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Subject: cipe beta 11 on win2000
From: Philippe Moutarlier <philippe,AT,kscable,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 00:53:27 +0200


I have been using cipe on linux for almost a year now : great job !!!

Now, my company is moving to some Windows firewall (???!! weird, isn't it 
...) and I am trying to setup cipe on Win2k. 

I tried the binaries, but here I am confused :

- after installing (successfully) the network adapter, no configuration 
window shows up as mentionned in the readme file. Where should I put the cipe 
parameters ?

- no services show in the list of win 2000 services

- I can run the cpl file CipePanel manually but I don't know to what 
interface it is related. Nor do I see where to setup the routing stuff. Do I 
have to establish static routes separately ?

Ah, also : I rebooted as it is usually necessary with windows (even if it 
doesn't ask).

I tried to recompile the thing but I am missing a file "iphlapi.h" which is 
nowhere to be found on my entire system (I am using VC++ 6 as compiler).

Thanks for any help


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