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Subject: CIPE-win32 v2.0-pre2 -> CIPE 1.4.3 = frame errors
From: Michael Kelly <mjk,AT,art-render,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 20:27:59 +0100

I have installed CIPE-win32 v2.0-pre2 on a laptop running W2K and am
trying to get it to talk over a dialup link to a CIPE 1.4.3 peer running
on a Linux 2.2.9 system.
I cannot establish any connectio between the two CIPE ends.
Trying to ping the peer IP from the laptop results in 'Request timed
out' errors.
Running tcpdump on the linux box shows that the packets are getting
through the firewall to the correct port on the peer.
ifconfig cipcb2 on the linux box shows that all the received packets
have frame errors which probably explains why they don't get passed on
to the CIPE device.

How can I diagnose this further to identify and resolve the cause of the
frame errors?

If it's relevant, the ISP I'm using to test this is ntlworld (in the



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