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Subject: Re: Win 2000
From: "Damion K. Wilson" <dkw,AT,rcm,DOT,bm>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:35:49 +0100
In-reply-to: <OF9BE25077.2F6284E9-ONC12569A7.002CE025@igs.at>

Yes, Werner

I thought about it several versions ago and neglected to add it to my todo
list. It's pretty easy to do and you should see it in the next release.
Unfortunately, I'm battling a nasty C++ bug that takes 5 - 16 hours before
it corrupts the program stack and crashes cipsrvr...Anyway look for it in
the next release maybe 1 or 2 weeks from now.


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On 11/30/00 at 9:11 AM werner.hofer,AT,igs,DOT,at wrote:

>Sorry if anything went wrong - It´s the first time I post in a
>Maybe It´s the second time this message is posted.
>Dear CIPE-Community!
>I have a running linux configuration with 2 branch offices.
>Now I wanted to install cipe on a win 2000 notebook. And there I alread=
>encountered the first difficulties.
>On the Linux installation it is possible to work with host-names instea=
>d of
>the IP-Addressses. In the CIPE VPN Peer settings window it is not possi=
>to enter any hostname.
>Is there any possibility to work this around, since i have to deal with=
>dialing connections and dynamic ip=B4s?
>thanks in advance
>Ing. Werner Hofer
>IGS Systemmanagement Dr. Weginger GesmbH
>Dorfplatz 5 - Piberbach
>A-4531 Kematen/Krems
>Tel.: (+43) 7228 6451 0
>Fax.: (+43) 7228 6451 30
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