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Subject: RE: CIPE-WIN32 Routing Configuration
From: "Damion K. Wilson" <dkw,AT,rcm,DOT,bm>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 17:00:34 +0100
In-reply-to: <000001c05e63$cf8cac50$0146a8c0@kurowski>

There is still one outstanding bug that's not in the TODO: cipsrvr.exe may,
after an extended time, die because of a stack corruption. This has
occurred since I rewrote it in C++ and may be due to the C++ run time
library. I'm telling you this because it only happens on my NT4.0 testbed
when it is acting as a CIPE router under heavy load (stress test). Let me
know if this happens to you. Running it under the debugger is no help
because the stack is corrupted.

If you are willing to do a howto in HTML, I would be EXTREMELY


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On 12/4/00 at 8:33 PM Matthew Kurowski wrote:

>I did nothing other than reboot one more time - and now it all works!
>I encountered a few Dr. Watson's on the NT 4 machine when trying to tap in
>with the console (the earlier memory violation was with msvcrt.dll i
>believe). On the 2000 box I only get the "access violation" if another
>console instance is running. On the NT 4 it always gets that error if the
>service is even running so I must start it from the console mode with out
>the service running. (I did not reinstall SP6a after the adapter setup
>I didn't see it being necessary so if it was...)
>I'll be documenting the setup and putting it into okay form, let me know
>you are interested in using it for the win32 doc's. I'll forward it to you
>later. Regardless, I'll be posting it on my website. 
>I'm a little concerned as to what was going on but I can't look a gift
>in the mouth either I guess! I hope it holds...
>I'm very impressed with the Win32 port. This is a definite lifesaver. I'm
>very appreciative of getting the pre3 so quickly.
>I'm going to start stress testing immediately and cutting over the
>to it. If you ever have anything you'd like me to try on a setup, let me
>know. We are getting more machines in soon for both Linux and 2000.
>Thanks again,

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