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Subject: Cipe and Firewalling by SuSE6.4
From: Manuela Guandalini <guandam,AT,gcs-mbh,DOT,de>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 18:39:41 +0100


I need help setting my firewall with the SuSEfirewall v.2.1.

My peermachine works with SuSEfirewall v.1.4 and makes a good job. I
just need to insert the peernet in the option FW_LOCALNETS and i can
ping all over that net.
This option won't give in v.2.1 any more so that i have to use other
options in the new script.
V.1.4 works fine with just
FW_LOCALNETS="myinternalnet peerinternalnet"

The new script (v2.1) works so:
FW_DEV_WORLD="eth1 cipcb0..."

Thanks this configuration i can ping any machine of the peerinternalnet
from any machine of the myinternalnet.
And from the peermachine (only the peer, not the whole peerinternalnet)
i can ping my internal cipe machine, nothing else.
How can i open the traffic from the peernet to all machines of
I have ipchains 1.3.9, but since i always used this damn script, i
really have no idea about building rules on my own.
Has anybody already used cipe and SuSE >6.3? How did u configure your
script and evtl. wrote extra ipchains-rules for cipe?

Please don't tell me just to read the MINI-Howto-Masq+Cipe. I've already
read it soooo many times, but won't get cleverer, because it has nothing
to do with SuSEfirewall and even writing scripts like they gave as
examples just won't work. I tried it already. SuSE support won't help
either. They problably have no idea 'bout Linux at all. Anyway, they
won't support questions about firewalling. I hope some of u already
solved this problem an can help me.

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