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Subject: Re: IDEA-free CIPE
From: "Damion K. Wilson" <dkw,AT,rcm,DOT,bm>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 17:33:13 +0100
In-reply-to: <20001209092545.M24539@zoy.org>


Does this mean that I should abandon the nascent IDEA support I have in
CIPE-Win32 ? Where are we headed with this ?


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On 12/10/00 at 9:32 PM Olaf Titz wrote:

>[CCd to CIPE mailing list; if people there have objections please
>voice them.]
>>    I am the Debian maintainer for CIPE, and I was reported a bug against
>> my package because the source included patent-encumbered IDEA code.
>> I know software patents have barely any legal grounds in Europe, but
>> something has to be done anyway. There are several solutions to this
>> problem :
>>   1) I put CIPE in the non-free section of Debian -- I don't want this
>>   very much because non-free isn't really part of Debian.
>>   2) I butcher your tarballs and remove all IDEA code from them, and
>>   distribute these new tarballs within Debian as if they were the
>>   original source.
>>   3) You provide some IDEA-free tarballs.
>>    The cleanest solution would be 3), but I suppose it would be an
>> undesirable additional work for you. So I don't mind doing 2), but I
>> wanted to know if you were OK with it. What do you think ?
>I think I'm going in the (3) direction, as mostly everyone uses
>Blowfish anyway and the IDEA code isn't really supported any more.
>(I barely check if it compiles, sometimes.)
>Ultimately there should be a way to use the crypto API from the
>international kernel patch. This should be no problem for Debian
>because the actual implementations of ciphers are then taken from
>elsewhere. It will still work with an official kernel though, probably
>Blowfish only.
>For the CIPE 1.4 time, you should do (2): provide a version which
>simply has the IDEA source files removed and the option to use them
>disabled (removing three lines from configure.in should be all it
>takes, I think the definitions in crypto.h can remain?). I'm not doing
>any feature work on 1.4, the problem will be resolved with CIPE 1.5.
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