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Subject: RE: CIPE Documentation
From: Roskanuk Michal <Michal.Roskanuk,AT,merlin,DOT,cz>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 12:02:49 +0100

Generally it should be unpacked to /usr/src/cipe-#.#.# and
accesed via symlink /usr/src/cipe->/usr/src/cipe-#.#.#

Be more concrete - what version you want to use on what
platform? Give full err msg, not just small torso. Is it msg from
compile time? Are u configured makefile before compiling?
You should first run ./configure script as u can read in docs.
There is explained installation (and compilation) of cipe
very well).
In fact i don't have that file in my src, but i have a version 1.3.0,
yr version'll be newer.


> Thanks I think that is going to work. However, I get the "Can't find
> ./options.t" error. I think I need to compile the source in 
> order to create
> the "options.t" file??? So now my question is... Where should 
> the source be
> unpacked? (what directory is the default directory)  

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