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Subject: Re: Cipe through SSH
From: Erik Wallin <erikw,AT,sec,DOT,se>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 17:40:37 +0100

I'm not sure that you can forward UDP packets with SSH. I doubt it. No
mention of it in the man page at first glance at least.

Why do you want to do this?


"Ed Padin" <ohdamnthathurts,AT,yahoo,DOT,com> wrote:

>Olaf wrote a nice document on the timing problems encountered when
>TCP over TCP. What you suggest falls under that category. It also
>2 encrypted layers. It seems to me that, if you have no other choice
but to
>network this way, using PPP instead of Cipe may be a better option.
>"Erdely, Michael" <mike-lists,AT,erdelynet,DOT,com> wrote:
>> This is probably a silly request, but is it possible to create a Cipe

>> connection through an SSH tunnel?
>> Below is a terrible "drawing":
>> Remote PC ----->Internet---->Firewall---->SSH Server---->Cipe Server
>> So, the "Remote PC" is running Windows 2000 Pro.  It creates an SSH
>> connection to the "SSH Server" which is allowed through a port
>> in the "Firewall".  Is it possible, then, for the "Remote PC", using
>> forwarding in SSH, to create a Cipe connection with the "Cipe
Server", also
>> running Windows 2000 Pro?

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