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Subject: Re: RH-7
From: "Les Mikesell" <lesmikesell,AT,home,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 06:32:24 +0100
In-reply-to: <3A585333.DDC35885@home.com>

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From: "Philip" <PhWashington,AT,home,DOT,com>
To: <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 5:29 AM
Subject: RH-7

> I was looking for information on setting up and configuring CIPE on
> RH7.  The info file found with the RH7 rpm seems to be the same as the
> one given with the tar.gz file found on the cipe home site.su
> I have not seen it on the RH site ( installation for 1.2 was found).
> <this is what I think I know>
> What I 'm guessing so far is that the module is already in the kernel
> and that all I would need to do is set up the configuration files after
> installing the RPM.

RH7 does come with a version of CIPE, but I'd recommend removing
it and just installing the latest from source.   Their code works, but
the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ciped file is set up to use some values from 
taking only the key from /etc/cipe/options.    RedHat puts many other
network configuration values there so it might make sense but I did
not see any GUI or other handy way to set them so splitting up the
config seems confusing.   If you keep their scheme, be sure you
understand where to change the setup.  You can figure it out by
reading the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ciped script.

       Les Mikesell

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