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Subject: massive packet losses
From: Juergen Haas <haasj,AT,cf,DOT,ac,DOT,uk>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 21:00:34 +0100

Dear cipe-l,

recently I wanted to setup cipe to run on a RH 2.2.17 and on the other
a debian 2.2.18pre20.

During the later 2.2.17 kernels, when compiling the kernel there is a
compiler check in the beginning of compilation. if gcc2.9x is default
gcc-2.72 is on detected 2.72 will be compiling the kernel.

It is therefore crucial to force compilation of all kernel modules,
are done after compiling the kernel and the kernel-modules which are
shipped with it, to use the same compiler as the kernel was compiled
( in this case 2.72).
OTHERWISE module will fit into kernel but most probably will not run
correct(in my case packet loss was greater 80%).
So make sure kernel and any of its modules are compiled with the same
version of compiler if you experience problems.

regards Juergen

BTW Now everything works fine I route selected subnets through the
tunnel no problems...

Juergen Haas
Chemistry Department                    office  : +44 29 2087 6968
Park Place 50
Cardiff CF10 3TB                        
Wales UK

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