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Subject: Multiple CIPE interfaces on one server?
From: Basil Hussain <basil.hussain,AT,specialreserve,DOT,net>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 19:17:54 +0100

Hi all,

I have a problem that I hope someone may be able to guide me through. I have
a RedHat Linux 6.2 (kernel 2.2.16-22) server that's running MySQL. I need to
have secure connections between this DB server and other web servers.

Now, I have successfully set up a CIPE connection between my DB server and
another similarly spec'ed Linux web server, using cipe-1.4snap-1 RPM
packages from RedHat.

But, now I wish to connect a Windows NT4 Workstation for DB admin purposes.
So, I set up NT4 with CIPE-Win32 version 2.0-pre6. I think I've configured
it all correctly, but it wouldn't start up properly and I couldn't ping the
DB server.

However, I realised that probably wasn't the problem - the primary problem
was that of setting up my DB server to support multiple CIPE tunnels! I only
have one configured. How can I use two (or more)?

I can see no clear way of setting up two connections using the config files
and init script included in the RH package. I could start two CIPE daemons
by hand, but I need them to be started as soon as the server is running (and
continue as long as it is up).

Can anyone offer any solutions for this situation?


Basil Hussain (basil.hussain,AT,specialreserve,DOT,net)

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