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Subject: RE: M$ Network
From: "Matthew Kurowski" <matthew,AT,kurowski,DOT,org>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 16:44:54 +0100

> Does anybody have experience setting global Network
> Neighborhood for two
> subnets connected with cipe VPN?
> Something like this:
> net <- router -> <- internet
>          (vpn)
> internet -> <- rotuer -> net
>              (vpn)
> Should I set to act as WINS serwer and configure all
> machines from
> 192.168.x.x networks to use it?
> thanks for info.
> --
> &Lstrok;ukasz Michalski
> Medyczne Systemy Komputerowe "PabloSoft" Sp. z o.o.

How about setting up a WINS proxy or local server on the local subnet. If
this is Linux, you can use Samba depending on your setup. Otherwise use M$'s
tools (like setting up a replicating WINS server push/pull replication).

If your routers allow the NetBT datagrams, you can set the remote WINS in
the clients but then you'll be adding alot of traffic unnecessarily...
Though you'll still need to allow the same udp ports for the server
replication, atleast you can filter more.

Also, think every network neighborhood lookup goes to master browser which
in a domain is usually the PDC (unless it's offline). So right now if you're
logging in to the domain remotely, you can possibly change that at the same
time (depending on the complexity of your setup). Workgroup mode or local
domain controller eliminates that type of traffic for obvious reasons...

Also if you don't care about using the builtin automation for replication
with WINS. Just setup on Linux or Win32 the hosts/lmhosts on the local WINS
server with static mappings to the remote clients. You can always automate a
file-level push with tftp or something to get that over without allowing the
netbios ns traffic.

(I'm very tired after a very long trip so hope this makes sense and provides
enough info.)

Matthew Kurowski


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