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Subject: RE: cipe-win32, adapter 0 will not uninstall
From: Paul Jakma <paulj,AT,itg,DOT,ie>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 16:54:02 +0100
In-reply-to: <000701c0aa3f$58a761c0$6a01010a@kurowski>

On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Matthew Kurowski wrote:

> Yes, I've hit that with earlier cipe-win32 versions. Honestly, I've been to
> busy to keep up with things though.
> I would just manually delete the associated entries. I'm at a job site right
> now so can't look up the actually entries but they should be...

yes, that is what i did (ie solution you attached below). i manually
went through the registry looking for "cip" and deleted anything

the problem for me though is that i'm looking to deploy CIPE to
securely connect various sites throughout europe¹. Ie create a unified
secure "intranet" for our job.

the remote sysadmins aren't always the most clueful, and also there is
politics involved², which means that the solution has to be as
foolproof as possible.

> Also, you can use InCtrl on win32 platforms as a sysdiff-like util to tell
> the exact entries - or just look in the inf file for where to look.

InCtrl? uhmmm.. will investigate.

> Sorry but I'm really too busy to get into this further but had to say
> something...

no worries. Thanks for the reply!

> Matthew Kurowski
> Stranded in a foreign city with only his invisible friends and his PCs to
> keep him company... ;-)

well, i'll try do my bit to keep you entertained by posting to the
CIPE list. :)

i guess you're a consultant, then?

regards and thanks!


¹. see my PS attached to the bottom of the "cipe 1.4.6 ... restart
cipcb0 ..." mail that i will post shortly to the list.

². along the lines of a group of Windows sysadmins at another site
pushing that we use a proprietary windows VPN product. i can't afford
to give them ammunition, because for higher-level political reasons
we must keep them reasonably happy.

politics really really sucks...

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