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Subject: cipe 1.4.6 unable to restart cipe device
From: Paul Jakma <paulj,AT,itg,DOT,ie>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 17:04:24 +0100


i'm using CIPE 1.4.6 on linux 2.2.16-3 (RH 6.2 update kernel). I have
cipe working properly (initially) between this computer and another on
the internet. However i have noticed the following problem:

restarting cipe does not work, eg if cipe is running then:

        ifdown cipcb0 ; ifup cipcb0

fails. the logs show the following message:

Mar 11 15:24:07 florence ifup-cipcb: cipcb started for cipcb0
Mar 11 15:24:07 florence ciped-cb[2704]: CIPE daemon vers 1.4.6 (c)
Olaf Titz 1996-2000
Mar 11 15:24:07 florence ciped-cb[2704]: opendev: alloc: Device or
resource busy

this is with cipe_debug=155 for the kernel module. instead what i have
to do is:

        ifdown cipcb0 ; rmmod cipcb ; ifup cipcb0

strangely, this only affects cipcb0. cipcb1 can be brought up and down
without this problem.

is there a solution for this problem? basically, the rmmod is unviable
as i intend to run multiple tunnels so i'd prefer not to have down all
cipcbX interfaces in order to restart cipcb0.

if the answer is to upgrade to 1.5.1 then please see my post about
building 1.5.1 that i will send shortly.


Paul Jakma

PS: as you might notice a good few posts from me over the next day or
two, so i'd better explain:

We are a company with various sites through Europe, and I am to come
up with a way of creating a common "intranet" between them, preferably
by tunneling across existing Internet links.

So i'm looking at setting up CIPE to initially run with multiple
tunnels to each remote site from a box here, and eventually move
towards a fully meshed VPN setup (CIPE initially, maybe IPsec or
IPv6 in the far future.)

Rather than post a big long mail detailling the various tiny little
problems, i will instead post seperate mails for each little problem
i've run into.

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