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Subject: Re: CIPE for Windows 2K
From: "Damion K. Wilson" <dkw,AT,rcm,DOT,bm>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:26:17 +0100
In-reply-to: <019201c0ad04$e5715c60$2201000a@gotham.designby.com>

Hi Tim,

I don't have any better documentation yet, I'm afraid. However, I could use
some help both in testing and in docs. Win32 is a painful place to program
in and I went to great lengths to make the suite easy to use, thus making
the task even more strenuous. Further, there is still a vexing bug to

I have thought that it would be a good thing if someone (I even entertained
the thought) wrote an all-encompassing document about CIPE, protocols and
everything. This would serve to bring CIPE to the forefront of the VPN
world. Is anyone out on the mailing list thinking about it, too ?

I would even be willing to collaborate

Damion K. Wilson

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On 3/14/01 at 10:03 PM DELTEC Information Solutions - Webmaster wrote:

>I've been looking high and low for a VPN solution like the one you're
putting together here for the Windows platform.  I'm very happy to have
turned up CIPE and have downloaded it to test it out.
>I do have one problem though.  I've done some experimenting with
Linux/Unix variants but I am not a guru in that realm.  I'm looking for a
VPN solution that will work on Windows so I don't want to wade into it to
the point I'd need to work this out on both the Linux and Windows
platforms.  I work in an all Microsoft shop (yes, I know, but sometimes
what can you do...)
>Is there any documentation for how to configure this on anyone's website
that you know of?  Your site says that the "documentation" is included in
the zip file, however the zip file only gives very basic instructions about
how to do the base installation, then says that it is assumed that one has
an understanding of how CIPE functions already.
>Is there any help out there for someone stuck on the Windows platform who
doesn't already have a thorough understanding of CIPE?
>Many thanks.
>Tim Kowalsky
>Internet Consultant
>DELTEC Information Solutions

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