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Subject: Re: W2K Configuration for Firewall tunneling
From: Andreas.Braeu,AT,toshiba-tro,DOT,de
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 15:00:00 +0100


thanks for the quick answer.
To set  was my the first idea. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Due
to the fact it's working  without a firewall, and the setting was correct
I suspect the firewall blocks UDP packets at all.
I don't have a possibility to look into the firewall settings, so, do you
know how to wrap UDP packets with TCP frames?

Maybe like client -> data -> udp - > ssh > Internet -> ssh -> udp ->data ->

As far as I see on the mailing list, this was discussed before, but without
a final result.
However, any idea?


Set the peer address (not the point-to-point address) to be The
peer will then have to initiate the conversation.

Damion K. Wilson

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On 3/21/01 at 11:47 AM Andreas.Braeu,AT,toshiba-tro,DOT,de wrote:

>I can't find a way to setup Cipe on W2K for "dynamic addresses" similar to
>the example case 3 in the docu.
>Does anyone know how to set the dynip flag (described in the docu) on W2K?

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