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Subject: Re: Masquerading Cipe and Internet Access between 2 systems
From: Richard Singer <richards,AT,kingfish,DOT,corp,DOT,rainbowfish,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 01:36:27 +0100

Actually I have gotten it up and working, thanks to another helpful
person on the list.  Sorry about the lack of information though.


The fix was to add a '-b' to my ipchains forward line for the remote

Bruce Said (originally):
> I have set up Cipe using the Redhat 7.0 rpm on 2 linux machines.  My
> goal is to have both these machines able to run the cipe connection
> between them, as well as masquerading internet access for their
> respective offices.  I have tried using the HOWTO scripts, and have
> tried the extremely basic ipchains setup shown below.  I am really
> confused.  The package is obviously working great, but I am not
> understanding the routing and masquerading required to make it do what
> I am wanting it to do.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
> Bruce
> bruce,AT,oec-sys,DOT,com

You haven't provided any information about what is wrong or not working, so
there is not a lot any can do to help you.  One thing that is always good to
check is whether IP forwarding is enabled in the kernel.  If you provide some
specific error messages or what is not working, then greater help can be

Richard Singer
True World Foods, Inc. of Chicago
(formerly Rainbow Fish House, Inc.)

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