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Subject: Re: Cipe over non-persistent links
From: Karl Kleinpaste <karl,AT,charcoal,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 03:31:42 +0100

SYLVAIN.COUTANT,AT,illicom,DOT,com writes:
> Did someone already managed to get a similar connection to work ? 
> I'd like to let users behind F2 to connect transparently to servers
> behind F1 without having to bring down and then back up the cipe
> device each time they need to connect.

I have a similar situation in that my home machine is still stuck with
dialing a local ISP, though the intent is to be effectively
permanently connected.  Every half hour, a small script looks to see
whether ppp0 is alive.  If not, it kills off ciped, re-dials, and then
restarts ciped.  The time period in which ciped is missing is just a
few seconds, never long enough to concern anything, and ciped's
restart (over a ppp0 which now has a new address) induces an initial
key exchange with the fixed-address hosts elsewhere.  The fixed-
address hosts log their notice of a new peer, and life goes on as

The fixed-address hosts are configured to believe that the opposite
end is at, so they simply sit and wait for my ppp0 host to do
something sensible.

ppp0 host:                      fixed-address host:
me           me      belladonna:12345
peer    belladonna:12345        peer

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