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Subject: cipe with 2.4.2 or higher kernels
From: James Samuel <james,AT,jml,DOT,net>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 21:40:05 +0200

Hi all,

Recently, I upgraded my version of cipe to the lateset stable 1.5 version,
and kernel up to 2.4.0 / .1 - everything was fine. Great, I thought. Then
I went up to 2.4.2, and now cipe no longer compiles. It complains about
the call to the ip_select_ident function on line 280 of output.c, and the
number of parameters passed. OK, thought I, I'll tell it to use the old
ip_select_ident function - A quick check on the source told me it had been
renamed __ip_select_ident.

That was fine. It compiled, so I thought all was well and good. Now,
however, if I start the daemon I get lots of errors in my logs saying:

"unknown control: <- number>" ... 

Where -number appears to be a random number. Eventually it just gives up,
and I've seen it say "peer requested connection close" or similar and it
just died.

I suspect something a bit more fundamental has been changed under the hood
of the kernel than just that function, and that's what's causing all the

Has anyone else experienced this, and got it to work, or are the problems
bigger than they first seem?

This is happening with 2.4.2-ac13 and later - it may be affecting other
versions of the 2.4 kernel prior to 2.4.2-ac13, but I haven't been able to
test those.

Logs and other stuff that may be useful are available if needed. I've
tried the 1.4 branch of cipe, the 1.5 branch, and the daily snapshot,
all of which now fail to compile. I'm running Debian.



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