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Subject: Re: More debug information on CIPE-Win32 (2.0-pre8)
From: "Damion K. Wilson" <dkw,AT,rcm,DOT,bm>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:37:27 +0200
In-reply-to: <20010403020454.11528.qmail@web11506.mail.yahoo.com>

Brilliant. You're helping enormously as I still can't get the same stuff to
happen on my test boxes. I will change the memory allocation type used for
the linked list stuff and see what happens.


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On 4/19/01 at 9:10 AM Erik Wallin wrote:

>Finally got the debugging environment working. Still can't see any local
variables though, only function call arguments.
>Maybe they have been optimized away?
>Seems like something wrong with the list management this time. The p_Root
structure looks garbled. m_Count is 0x840fc33b.
>This points in the direction of general memory corruption. The problem
could be
>anywhere. I'll keep trying. And, I'll try to see if the problem happens in
the same place again.
>Boot - OK, CIPE interface is up.

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