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Subject: CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre9
From: Erik Wallin <erikw,AT,sec,DOT,se>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:15:19 +0200
In-reply-to: <B3F97C5A98D70F4EB72A31F79AEC6287026780@EXCHANGE.dmz.twobyfour.se>

I did some more testing overnight. No more BSOD. But, the service crashed
after about 2 hours of constant traffic. I tried copying a 320 Mb file over my
ISDN connection. So it's a slow but steady flow of packets.

How do I debug this? Does it dump core anywhere? Can I set this? Any log
messages I should locate? The system log only says the service terminated

This is a small problem compared to the BSOD and it's so far the only problem
I've had with this version apart from the problem of shutting down the device.
Looks promising.


Damion Wilson wrote:

> I have embodied your suggestions and my fixes in CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre9, now
> available on http://CIPE-Win32.sourceforge.net. I'm anxious to know if you
> get the same uptime I do.
> Thanks, dude

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