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Subject: Connecting 2 subnets via cipe
From: Arne Goetje <arne,AT,dome,DOT,net,DOT,tw>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:00:28 +0200


I don't know if this proble has been a topic in this list, a quick
search on the archive didn't give me the answer I need...

I want to connect two subnets vi cipe. Hosts A and C are connected to B
and use a subnet for each connection:

Host A: dynamic IP, for cipe
Host B: fixed IP, and for cipe
Host C: dynamic IP, for cipe

I use Kernel 2.2.19 and cipe 1.5.1 on Host B but am not able to run 2
cipe deamons with the two different config files. Only one starts up and
is usable. If I want to start up the second deamon just nothing happens.
It doesn't matter which one is started first. Both ones work, when they
are used as the only connection. How can  make cipe start both instances
that I can do a routing between A and C?
A and C are running cipe 1.5.1 too.

Thanx for your help... :)

Have fun

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