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Subject: RE: Connecting 2 subnets via cipe
From: SBNelson,AT,thermeon,DOT,com
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 16:05:22 +0200

This is not a limitation of CIPE because I do this all the time.

Send to the list sanitized versions of your options files and the commands
you use to start the cipe daemons.

One thing to note: Since hosts A and C use dynamic IP addresses, B can't
talk to A until A talks to B.  Same thing for the B-C connection.  Also,
since A depends upon B to communicate to C, the B-C connection must be up
before A can talk to C (and vice versa).

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> Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 12:42 AM
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> Subject:      Connecting 2 subnets via cipe
> Hi,
> I don't know if this proble has been a topic in this list, a quick
> search on the archive didn't give me the answer I need...
> I want to connect two subnets vi cipe. Hosts A and C are connected to B
> and use a subnet for each connection:
> Host A: dynamic IP, for cipe
> Host B: fixed IP, and for cipe
> Host C: dynamic IP, for cipe
> I use Kernel 2.2.19 and cipe 1.5.1 on Host B but am not able to run 2
> cipe deamons with the two different config files. Only one starts up and
> is usable. If I want to start up the second deamon just nothing happens.
> It doesn't matter which one is started first. Both ones work, when they
> are used as the only connection. How can  make cipe start both instances
> that I can do a routing between A and C?
> A and C are running cipe 1.5.1 too.
> Thanx for your help... :)
> Have fun
> Arne
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