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Subject: Re-initializing connection without loss of connections?
From: Richard de Jong <richard.de.jong,AT,framfab,DOT,nl>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 11:21:56 +0200

Hi All,

We have a Cipe tunnel to a remote office. This office has a DSL internet
connection which often fails. When it fails, it falls back to an ISDN
internet connection. There's a script doing this. In this script I stop and
start the cipe tunnel, this causes cipe to pick the new default gateway (I
have the "me" ipaddress set to, then the key exchange starts again
and they are back in business. 

The problem is, that the internal hosts lose the connection to the internal
network temporarily, which causes their apps, like Outlook as an Exchange
client, to drop the connections. Is there perhaps a way to re-initialize the
Cipe connection, without stopping and starting ciped-cb, and buffering
packets that are sent while the connection is being  re-initialized?

TIA, Richard

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