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Subject: RE: Bridging two networks, need broadcast
From: "Bort, Paul" <pbort,AT,tmwsystems,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 20:40:42 +0200

As for the module unloading, just don't specify --autoclean when you
`insmod` it. (You might have to specifically `insmod cipcb` instead of
letting it be loaded automatically to make this work.)

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Subject: Re: Bridging two networks, need broadcast


>So, anyone out there anyone actually used cipe 1.5 with Linux bridging?

Yes, I've been running CIPE 1.51 as "encrypting bridge" between two sites. 
It works really well, everything (not including DOS print server, heh heh) 
works for both sides of bridge. We use mainly IP and IPX. Windows SMB 
clients / servers, novell IP / IPX clients & servers, proxy, internet and 
everything else works for both buildings. Both are in same IP subnet.

Only thing causing problems right now are novell DOS print servers, looks 
like there is some weird problem with CIPE & SPX & NOVELL DOS client... DOS 
client keeps reporting that server has no free slots for connections :-)

It required some tweaking to CIPE source code to get everything 
working.(good old "cipe_xmit size problem")

So, it really is possible to succesfully run an Ethernet bridge over CIPE. 
Thanks to every and each of Cipe developers and contributors, you made me 
happy :-)

One question thought: Is it possible to specify some option, which would 
make ciped stay loaded even when cipbd0 interface gets disabled... its pain 
in the ass when power gets cut from other site - bridge on other building 
notices its partner has gone down and disables CIPE interface, that causes 
ciped to unload itself... and bridge sure won't load cipe stuffs again when 
interface gets enabled again!

(btw, I'm using this email addr for mailing lists, I've enough spam on my 
real mailbox *grin* :-)

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