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Subject: RE: Unable to ping remote interface from cipe-win32 NT
From: "Kevin Herzig" <Kevin,AT,Herzig,DOT,net>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 15:55:37 +0200
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What's the routing table on the other machine?  What's your output on both
machines for ipchains -L -n?

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Subject: Unable to ping remote interface from cipe-win32 NT


Can anyone help with the following?

We are setting up a CIPE configuration where (stand-alone) HostA connects
to a network via a dial-up PPP connection. HostA can ping HostB's peer IP
( and ptp ip ( addresses, and receive replies.
HostB can ping HostA's ptp ip ( address and receive a reply.

The difficulty is in getting HostA to ping HostB's interface.
 Issuing pings from a command prompt on HostA, once the link is up, we get
the following results:

"ping" will receive replies

"ping" will not get out past the modem on HostA (the Tx light
 does not flash).

Further details of the configuration are as follows:

HostA -- ppp0 ------------- Internet

Internet ----------------- ( HostB (

HostA is a PC running MS Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6, and running
Cipr-Win32 v2.0-pre9.

HostB is running Linux, and CIPE v1.5.1.

The CIPE settings on HostA are as follows:

LAN IP Settings
LAN IP Address:         (udp port 31002)
Peer IP Address:  (udp port 31002)

PTP IP Settings
Local PTP:
Peer PTP:

key       <key here>

The CIPE settings (ie. options file) on HostB are as follows:



key       <key here>

HostA's routing table looks like this when the dial-up link and the CIPE
adapter and service are up. The entries with a network destination of
192.168.230.x have been added to the table "manually" (ie. using the "route
 add ..." command).

Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
      1      1      1      1      1      1      1      1      1      1      1      1


Steve Rubie-Todd

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