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Subject: CIPE Linux and CIPE Win2K
From: Jason Hecker <jason,AT,air,DOT,net,DOT,au>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 01:22:55 +0200

I have CIPE v1.4.6 on my Linux Router Project box chatting happily away 
(over cipcb0) to the same version of CIPE on another Linux box 800KM 
away.  I want to get cipcb1 talking to a Win2K box but haven't had much luck.

My end is on a cable modem with a dynamic IP lease that only ever changes 
with a reboot.  The cipcb0 interface connects to an end which has a static 
IP.  No problems here.  Works wonderfully.

The cipcb1 connection talks to the Win2K box which has a dynamic IP care of 
ADSL.  We have got dyndns accounts so we are using our foo.dyndns.org names 
in the respective peer fields.  I have set for my real IP and the 
same for the other end.  Does Win2K like - is this allowed?  We are 
using and .2 for the PTP endpoints.  I would appear the Win2K 
CIPE sets the local PTP IP to and you can't change it.

Anyway, it just won't work.  My CIPE logs say the connection comes up, then 
shortly afterwards I get back packet size (usually 1) errors and key 
errors.  I can't ping the other end even though ipchains logs the ping 
packets as going out.

I have left the Win2K config to my friend to sort out but the CIPE control 
panel doesn't appear to allow the comprehensive configuration options Linux 
CIPE has.

Do I:

A) Give up computers and get a life?
B) Force my friend to use Linux and not Win2K for his firewall/router?
C) Wait until I get some anecdotal help from you guys?

If anyone has any experience with working CIPE connections with dynamic 
IP's and Linux/W2K mixed in for fun, please get back to me!


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