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Subject: Re: cipe-win32-pre9 fix
From: Erik Wallin <erikw,AT,sec,DOT,se>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 00:49:32 +0200
In-reply-to: <31276.988416041@www32.gmx.net>

Damion Wilson wrote:

> That doesn;t make sense to me either. I tell you what, I'll try
> judiciously adding the spinlocks to just the linked list handling. It
> shouldn't speed up the code, though. What is your speedup ? Furthermore, my
> setup has been stable for months (I'm running three instances) with ping
> times (round trip) about .8 ms slower than "on the wire" speed.

Sorry, I'm mixing ideas about speedup with my quest for stability. The
spinlocks are not giving any speedup. All I care about right now is a stable
driver. Then we can play around with speedups. I'm sorry to say it, but on W2K
the driver (Pre-9) is not stable. Maybe it is on NT?

It does require *a lot* of packets before it crashes, but it does. So far I've
managed to crash it on every machine I tried by sending a few hundred Mb of
data. I've not been able to crash the one with spinlocks in so far.

Is really no one else experiencing these problems on W2K? It would be very
interesting to get reports from people who have tried Pre-9 and if they found
it to be stable or not. Right now I feel like I'm the only one whining.

Adding the spinlocks would be great. I really hope that it was the bug biting
me. I've rolled out a few tests to other poeple and instructed them to keep
their crash dumps if they get any blue screens. We should see if there are any
IRQL problems.

I've been running this machine for over two weeks now with the modified cipe
driver. The service keeps crashing occasionally, but not the driver.


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