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Subject: Re: newbie
From: Blair Lowe <Blair.Lowe,AT,compeng,DOT,net>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 17:57:01 +0200
In-reply-to: <009801c0e514$8de007b0$a8d1faa8@istechpc05>

At 07:16 -0500 2001/05/25, Joe Harbison wrote:
>i am a newbie to using cipe...fairly experience with linux, both 
>lrp, and full....have implemented many ip masq machines...
>here is my question:
>what i want to do is:
>home network-----linux masq-----dsl 
>modem------internet------------cisco pix------linux masq---work 
>I can get the simple part of masq down pretty easy....this will 
>allow me to surf the web and so forth....can i implement the cipe
>on the same box...


>how will it know the routes...?

The ip-up scripts create the routes based on the options file.

>...I am going to use Redhat 7.1....should i update and recompile with a new


>....use the binary or rpm?

use the source rpm if you know how to create rpm's 

>...i know i will have to open up the port on the pix..this is no 
>problem...one issue i do have is,
>i get a dynamic ip @ home...is this a problem...will my scripts 
>update themselves...do i need to register with a free name server?.

just put for your home ip address in both options files. 
Another solution was to tunnel the ip address in using ssh (more 

>any help would be appreciated...tia
>Joseph P. Harbison
>Lourdes Hospital
>Paducah KY, 42003

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Phone: 780 499 5687 (9 - 5 MST) Fax:   780 435 0693 (24 Hours)

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