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Subject: RE: newbie
From: SBNelson,AT,thermeon,DOT,com
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 18:26:42 +0200

> what i want to do is:
> ?
> home network-----linux masq-----dsl modem------internet------------cisco
> pix------linux masq---work network
> I can get the simple part of masq down pretty easy....this will allow me
> to surf the web and so forth....can i implement the cipe
> on the same box...how will it know the routes...?...I am going to use
> Redhat 7.1....should i update and recompile with a new
> kernel....use the binary or rpm?...i know i will have to open up the port
> on the pix..this is no problem...one issue i do have is,
> i get a dynamic ip @ home...is this a problem...will my scripts update
> themselves...do i need to register with a free name server?.
> any help would be appreciated...tia
> ?
> joe
        You can put CIPE on the same systems that you are doing the linux
masq on, in fact that is the preferable way to do it.

        Having dynamic IP addresses on one end of a CIPE connection is not a
big problem; when your home CIPE talks to the work CIPE, work's CIPE sees
that the IP address changed and remembers that.  There are tricks to making
a CIPE connection where both ends have dynamic IP addresses work, but that
doesn't seem to be what you need.

        Your ip-up script on each side should bring up a route to the other
private network via the CIPE link (unless you are using some sort of routing
protocol, and in that case you need to let that software know that a new
interface was brought up).  There are examples in the default ip-up script.

        In regards to RH7.1 and compiling; I'll let others answer that part.

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