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Subject: thanks for replies
From: Dragos Delcea <dragos.delcea,AT,farmexim,DOT,ro>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 09:15:13 +0200

thank you for your replies

The problem that I'm trying to deal with wright 
now isn't samba, that would be after...I'm evaluating 
my options in the vpn field.

I want to run some tests with cipe to see how it 
behaves. If this would (eventually) turn out to be
the the method of builing a vpn, it would have to 
link our main lan with the small lans (9-10) of 
the subsidiaries we have around the country.
The problem is that the machine that would run 
those 10 links would have a netfilter firewall,
that means 2.4.x kernel...
However this is in the project stage wright now, 
but, as I said, I'm evaluating my options. 

>From what I see, the documentation is scarce,
but when I worked some time ago for a ISP
there was a cipe setup linking two locations and
I never had to touch it 'couse it worked flawlessly.


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