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Subject: Re: NAT through CIPE (not CIPE through NAT)
From: "E. Jay Berkenbilt" <ejb,AT,ql,DOT,org>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 16:14:37 +0200
In-reply-to: <200106242303.f5ON3MU03524@soup.in.ql.org>

I'm using all static everything for my simple network.  I don't quite
see how using gated/routed could affect this type of thing other than,
assuming that all your gateways are running it, increasing the
likelihood of having proper routing tables, but thanks for the
suggestion.  I will look into it further if my current path fails.


   What routing do you use? I found that I needed dynamic routing (eg.
   gated, or routed) even for a simple masqueraded connection to get
   CIPE to work.


   At 19:03 -0400 2001/06/24, E. Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
   >SUMMARY: IP forwarding across a CIPE VPN is working, but NAT across
   >the same CIPE VPN is failing.  tcpdump shows packets only on one side
   >of the interface.
   > . . .

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