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Subject: depmod -a undefined symbols
From: jon,AT,malone,DOT,scotnet,DOT,co,DOT,uk
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 00:20:04 +0200

First CIPE works great in the test environment - nice package and pkcipe
makes it easy to setup.  RH7 at both ends, no troubles.

Came to roll it out on my firewall - well not my firewall - the firewall
I go through. I get a depmod -a problem.
insmod show the problem as 2 undeclared variables - BUT these are in the
nm of the vmlinux image.  This is what I get on insmod:

        bash# insmod -f cipcb.o
        csum_partial undefined
        memcpy_toiovec undefined
        Failed to load module! The symbols from kernel 2.0.34 don't match 

Somebody (Olaf) taked about insmod -af cipcb.o:

"You're running an unversioned-symbols module in a versioned-symbols
kernel. depmod correctly warns that it doesn't find the symbols, but
insmod is cleverer and tries the non-versioned counterparts of symbols
if the versioned one is not found in the kernel." 

I did try a make menuconfig (or suchlike) talked about in the mail list
and it did not improve the situation. (but I could not reboot on the new

Traced quite a few things on the mailing list as this is a common problem but 
still can't get to the bottom.

My kernel is old --
        Linux tinomen 2.0.34 #3 Fri Sep 25 14:27:06 BST 1998 i486

and since the firewall is busy and not mine I can't upgfrade to RH7.  
I am trying to do this without any downtime at all.  
Do I need to go for a kernel rebuild?
Is there something else I can look at?
How come the symbols are in nm vmunix but insmod does not get to them?

Any clues would be welcome.


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