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Subject: First PPP or first CIPE?!
From: Marco Gaiarin <gaio,AT,sv,DOT,lnf,DOT,it>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:08:09 +0200

I've setup a cipe link between a IDSL, 128K fixed IP Debian GNU/linux box
(2.4.5, cipe 1.5.2) and a ADSL, 64K, dialup Debian with same kernel &

All works fine apart that sometime the ``dialup'' (curtesan) communicate to
``fixed'' (gaia) the new IP (clearly i use the dynip into peer of
curtesan) but there's no key exchange (so no link).
Again sometime curtesan drop the line (it's a dialup node, it's normal
;), and gaia continue to exchange key (eg:
        Jul 10 12:46:42 gaia kernel: cipcb27: cipe_sendmsg
        Jul 10 12:46:42 gaia kernel: cipcb27: setkey
        Jul 10 12:46:42 gaia kernel: cipcb27: cipe_recvmsg

I'm doing some test and i'm doing some speculation about:

+ could be that i've named the interface not canonically? In my
  organization there's a ``standard'' code for offices, so i've named
  the interface like the offices (cipcb5, cipcb27).

+ could be that i've setup a rather little (60 secs) inactivity timer
  into curtesan?! Unexpected up/down of the link can ``confuse'' cipe?!

+ (i think the real problem) i've setup the network with the ippp0
  interfaces all the time up (isdnutils works in this manner), and also
  with cipcb5 interfaces all the time up, simply putting in
  ip-up-d/0cipe a ping to the remote end as documentation raccomand for
  As i've read (and understood ;) the cipe documentation, the classical
  approach are to bring up/down the cipe inetrfaces as needed, but i
  think that this aproach are not so wrong, and clearly are more
  comfortable to me, that i simply setup the routing and forgot the


dott. ing. Marco Gaiarin
  Associazione ``La Nostra Famiglia''      http://www.lanostrafamiglia.it/
  Polo FVG  -  Via della Bontà, 7 - 33078  -  San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)
  gaio(at)sv.lnf.it             tel +39-0434-842711    fax +39-0434-842797

  Occhio al Genova Social Forum!!!                http://www.genoa-g8.org/

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