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Subject: Re: First PPP or first CIPE?!
From: Peter van den Heuvel <peter,AT,asylum,DOT,xs4all,DOT,nl>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 15:31:25 +0200
In-reply-to: <20010710125937.D1776@sv.lnf.it>


> + could be that i've named the interface not canonically? In my
>   organization there's a ``standard'' code for offices, so i've named
>   the interface like the offices (cipcb5, cipcb27).
You can pick any number(s) from the 100 that are available by default.
Make sure you keep below 100 though.

> + could be that i've setup a rather little (60 secs) inactivity timer
>   into curtesan?! Unexpected up/down of the link can ``confuse'' cipe?!
Not really, I've been using cipe on ISDN dialup (fixed IP) with a hangup
timeout of 180 seconds and never encountered problems. Got no personal
experience with dynamic IP's but I got the impression (from the list) it
should work just fine.

> + (i think the real problem) i've setup the network with the ippp0
>   interfaces all the time up (isdnutils works in this manner), and also
>   with cipcb5 interfaces all the time up, simply putting in
>   ip-up-d/0cipe a ping to the remote end as documentation raccomand for
>   dialup.
Is the perfect way to run it IF you have a static IP. Otherwise (dynamic
IP) I guess you have to do something if you (re)establish a connection
(like routes and addresses). Check the list archive for some more info
on dynaic IP's if that's what you got.


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