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Subject: bridge + cipe
From: "Frater, Greg" <gjfrater,AT,bechtel,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 02:14:06 +0200

Hello All, 

Searching the archives revealed several postings regarding this subject.
However, all I could get from them was that I can use bridging and CIPE but
not how to do it.

I am working with a wireless bridge that links two offices that are on a
flat network, i.e. everyone is on the same subnet.  We need to encrypt the
data that crosses the wireless bridge and I need to do it with bridging to
support broadcast traffic.  I have two machines running rh 7.1 with kernel
2.4.5 running CIPE 1.5.2 with bridging enabled in the kernel.  Bridging and
CIPE load without errors and I can bridge the traffic just fine.  How do I
send the traffic from eth0 through the cipdb0 device and then out eth1?  Do
I have to use routing?  And if so how do I do this and maintain the bridging
functionality (broadcast traffic)?

I made all three interfaces (eth0, eth1, and cipdb0) part of the bridge is
that right?  

Is there more documentation on the net, other than the info page that comes
with the cipe package, that I have not seen.

ps. We are using a network with a netmask of
Again both buildings are on the same subnet.

In need of some hand holding,

Greg Frater
WTP IT Dept.
509 371-3537

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