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> If you would set the routes from ip-up they would not be in place during
> the ping and the packet would not know where to go.
> You need the default route in place BEFORE you can do the ping.
> Otherwise the UDP packet would not find it's way to the ippp0 interface.

I think you have never used isdnutils: unlike plain pppd, ipppd of
isdnutils in ``autodial'' mode setup *ever* the link, with
defaultroute, clearly possibly with wrong address.
When traffic passes the interface, ipppd ``correct'' the interfaces
(local and remote address), setup an explicit route to the other'end of
PtP and correct the defultroute (route del default; route add default

So the problem: in a static IP box, it is clear how to do (all setup in
init script); again, in a dynamic box all is clear (setup into
ip-up/ip-down scripts). But in a situation like this i'm not sure how
to do...

In any case: i've setup a large timeout for key exchange (tokxc) and
setup a smaller key lifetime (tokey), and the problem seems gone: as i
supposed, seems that in this configuration the begin for a key exchange
could start very before the real connection gose up (it is true that
ISDN take less of a second to dial and connect, but clearly can occurr
also authentication problem or full of some other sort of problem...
;-), so all the key exchange phase got mangled.

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