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Subject: Re: CIPE on WinNT behind Linux Firewall ...
From: "Les Mikesell" <lesmikesell,AT,home,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 17:46:31 +0200
In-reply-to: <OFF787062B.3391AF13-ONC1256A93.0035FEC1@medisearch-int.com>

This is kind of off-topic, but one way to deal with lack of
Linux expertise at remote locations is to drop in the
distribution from http://www.e-smith.net.  There is a
free download version or you can buy it with support.
It is essentially a RedHat 6.2 base with almost everything
removed except what you need to make an office file/print
server (windows and mac) and an internet gateway.   You
answer a few questions during a scripted install, then all
admin is done through a web interface that does not require
any unix/linux knowledge. 

Ipsec tunnels have been added and are in the contributed rpm
section of the downloads.   I'm just setting up one with CIPE
now because it is in a building behind another NAT/firewall
and it is just a matter of dropping in an RPM built for RH 6.2
and adding it's rc.d entry to /etc/rc.d/rc7.d (oddly, e-smith uses
runlevel 7 for normal operation), and I always undo the RH
use of /etc/sysconfig values for cipe and put them all in the
/etc/cipe/options file.    This may not change anyone's mind
about using NT, but I'd like to know if anyone else has used
cipe with e-smith or considered adding a setup page for their
web administration.

  Les Mikesell

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From: <Gert.Vandelaer,AT,medisearch-int,DOT,com>
To: <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 4:56 AM
Subject: CIPE on WinNT behind Linux Firewall ...

> Hello all,
> Don't be scared by the subject ... take a deep breath ..
> that's right ... now read it again ...
> Indeed, I'm asking a question about CIPE on NT,
> the readme that came with the package was sort of short.
> I read through the CIPE faq's, some info about file sharing was there ...
> But I just wonder,
> is there anyone here who has ever actually used CIPE on NT.
> I'm planning on running the CIPE server behind a 2.4.x firewall,
> much easier than IpSec, because of the udp tunnel ...
> so that 'll all work fine ...
> U just wondered if there is anything I have to look out for on NT.
> Some configuration hints would also be much appreciated,
> because I'm not used to this NT click stuff ...
> "Why on NT ?" you ask ... well that's ez ... because the CIPE client is
> going to be in another country,
> where there is no Linux support ... so, there you have it ..
> This is the setup ...
> Win NT A / CIPE Client ---- DSL Router A---- Internet ---- DSL Router B
> ---- Linux Firewall B (Fixed IP / DNAT) ----- Win NT B / CIPE Server (LAN
> IP)
> Any caveats I should look out for ?
> Thnx
> Cya,
> Gert

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