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Subject: Scenario
From: Will Smart <jwsmart,AT,suffolk,DOT,lib,DOT,ny,DOT,us>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 21:42:46 +0200

I have a question about this software, and about VPN's in general.  It
concerns a fairly odd network, and I would like to know if ANY solution
is out there, and if cipe is appropriate at all.

I am on a small inter-house network that I share with a neighbor.  We
share a high speed DSL connection.  The neighbor has the physical
connection, therefore all of the machines at my house, (and all but two
at his) are NATed.  Here is the problem.  I am moving away to school,
and wish to be a part of this network.  I will have a high speed

 connection, but it may be behind NAT or a Proxy, or a firewall.  (And I

 know it will be DHCP).  Will this software let me connect?

 Home Network
 Neighbor's Linux router (NAT)
Firewall / NAT / Proxy (It could be any combination of the three, and i
can't have any ports opened)
 New Network

Please let me know if cipe will do this or not, and, if not, what will
(if anything).

Thank you in advance.
Will Smart

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