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Subject: Cipe and weird Groupwise problems...
From: Champ Clark III <champ,AT,vistech,DOT,net>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 06:15:15 +0200

        Hello all, 

        I've got a weird issue that I haven't run into before, 
and it seems to be cipe related.  Here goes....

        I've got two offices (both with linux boxes - kernels = 2.2.16 
and 2.4.9) connected via vpnd,  which has been working okay.  
I like to primarily use cipe, so I decided to switch them over,  
but things didn't go all that smooth. 

        The remote office uses Novell Groupwise to get there email. 
The Groupwise connection must go over the VPN connection,   and under
vpnd,  everything worked fine (.... Users at the remote site could check
there email,  and do other network functions regarding there VPN WAN). 
I switched them over to cipe,   and it seems that Groupwise connections
are really,  really slow...  Sometimes its takes several minutes 
to pull up a email....  As well,  a few other applications have started
"flaking out".   For example,  Citrix connections no longer function (at
all).   Other things,  like browsing the Intranet work fine..  Even pulling
down large files via FTP (over the Cipe connection)... 

        Something in my gut tells me this is some sort of MTU problem....
I was just wondering if anyone has seen such weirdness over cipe lines. 
Basically,  Groupwise/Citrix are broke,  but everything else functions 

        In the mean time,  I've switched them back to vpnd,  and all is 
working again.   I'd rather be with cipe,  as when the link goes down, 
vpnd doesnt recover all that effectively all the time,  where my cipe
connections do.....


                                        - Champ

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