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Subject: Re: decrypt CRC error
From: Gert.Vandelaer,AT,medisearch-int,DOT,com
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:57:58 +0200

Hya Bram,

As you get it to work with earlier versions of cipe flawlessly,
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with your cipe settings / routing and stuff

So my guess is that there's something wrong with the build of the
Maybe you compiled different protocols (./configure --enable-protocol=n)
with the new CIPE versions....

However the most likely thing (without any tcpdump logs to back me up
though ... :p) that is going wrong,
is the insmod / rmmod of the correct modules.
Have you made sure that you removed any left over modules from previous
put the cipe-nic down, and rmmod the whol shabang, and than insmod the
correct the module (from latest stable build op cipe).

These are all longshots offcourse,
but stuff like this can happen to the best ;-)


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I tested between some other box in .be and the same one in .lk.

I downgraded to cipe-1.3.0 and it works.

/me puzzled.

So what I have so far is :
     cipe-1.5.2 doesn't work
     cipe-1.4.5 doesn't work
     cipe-1.3.0 works

I'm only testing between i386 archs.

.lk side is linux-2.2.14
.be side is linux-2.2.19

Can someone give me an explanation why it's not working with the latest

tnx :)

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