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Subject: Re: dynamic clarity...
From: Mike Gende <mgende,AT,gendesign,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 23:39:41 +0200
In-reply-to: <20010926213046.C11633@suberic.net>

kevin lyda wrote:

> ok, the cipe docs and google searches don't seem to give a very clear
> description of connecting up a dynamic hosts all to a single static
> host/hub.
> what i'm looking for is a simple way for a static host to support
> a few dynamic hosts.  is this possible without a dynamic dns server?

If I'm reading you right, here's what I'd suggest. We do it here now with a
static host site used as a hub for several dynamic sites (ppp, isdn, adsl).
The simplest solution, IMHO, is to configure the "me" entry in your dynamic
options.cipcbX file as "".  Obviously, the "peer" would be your static
address. That way, whatever it turns out to be on any particular day won't
On the static hub, one would use the static ip address as "me" and ""
in "peer".
Be sure to use a different port for each connection and be consistant on both
concerning that port number.

The only drawback is that to get the link up all the way, you'll have to send
some pings or other traffic from the dynamic site to the static, never the
other way 'round.  The static hub site won't know the ip address of the
other without it.

> would anyone have a suggestion as to a document or a place in the 1.5.2
> cipe docs that would have info on this solution?
> kevin
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