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Subject: cipe not executing ip-down
From: breshear,AT,eoni,DOT,com
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 20:01:31 +0100

Hi all, Hope this has been seen before because I can not seem to figure it 

Having a problem with the ip-down script.

        cipe 1.4.5
        kernel 2.2.17

        3-way VPN all dynamic IP's on dial-up lines.
        IP info shared via common ftp site.

everything runs great except ip-down is not being executed when cipe goes 
logs show nothing out of the ordinary, just that cipe goes up and down(with no
error msg's.)

permissions on /etc/cipe are for root only (not even group)

The downloaded files that contain ip/port information are 
stored in /etc/cipe/tmp. these files are placed there by lftp(as root)
and they are world readable. other than these files, and some debug info
from ip-up, all others including the directories have root perms only.

Besides tearing down the firewall rules for that connection, I am trying 
to kill rsync when cipe goes down because it doesn't seem to be able to
figure it out for itself

I am fairly sure that it worked at one time, just not sure what I did to
make is stop working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Breshears.

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