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Subject: long standing problem with cipe finally resolved...
From: Nathan Neulinger <nneul,AT,umr,DOT,edu>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 20:20:33 +0100

I've got a cipe server that has as it's primary interface
that it talks to to connect to the internet, but it has a real internet
address. (The 10.0.0.x is our internal backbone.)

Anyway, the problem I was having is, with pkcipe, even with -r, I could
never get cipe to use the correct interface address. It always rebound
to even though pkcipe sent it a correctly bound socket.

(When I manually set up the cipe options files/etc. and run ciped
directly, it worked fine. It was only with the automatic pkcipe setup
where it wouldn't work right.)

I've tracked the problem down to the following. (This is sequence of
steps in pkcipe/ciped)

                everything is fine up to here, it binds correctly, etc.
        execs ciped
        connect()  (in ciped.c, where it does the connect to AF_UNSPEC)
                now the socket is rebound to *:oldport, and is where it falls 
        connect() - the real connect w/ the peers addr, which gets set up a <=> x.x.x.x:y

So basically, I'm not sure if a bind() is supposed to last through a
connect(AF_UNSPEC). But, basically, it doesn't, at least on this
box/kernel. The server is running 2.2.19 btw. Clients running 2.4.10. 

Anyway, by commenting out the "dis"connect() code in opendev(), and just
letting cipe continue to do another connect() on the socket (i.e.
instead of conn/disconn/conn, just let it do conn/conn), it has started
working fine for me. 

Anyway, this would likely only impact someone who's default interface is
not routable to the clients. (And yes, it's a pain in the butt that
causes other problems as well, but it's a dedicated machine that just
does routing/vpn tasks and it needs to sit on our backbone.)

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger                       EMail:  nneul,AT,umr,DOT,edu
University of Missouri - Rolla         Phone: (573) 341-4841
Computing Services                       Fax: (573) 341-4216

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