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Subject: RE: Newbie ...help ..I have checked the archive also ..still conf used ...
From: "Bort, Paul" <pbort,AT,tmwsystems,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 22:23:50 +0100

The problem is still the same: 

> opendev: bind: Address already in use

This means that you are trying to assign the IP address to
device cipcb0, when it is already assigned to eth0. The ipaddr and ptpaddr
have to be addresses that are not used anywhere else in your system. They
have to be 'unique just like everyone else'. 

Try this: 

On one machine, set ipaddr to and ptpaddr to 

On the other machine, set ipaddr to and ptpaddr to 

Restart CIPE on both machines. 

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