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Subject: same subnet routing
From: <jtklaas,AT,mediaone,DOT,net>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:27:25 +0100

OK, this is probably just lame, but, in an attempt to save some time, I
decided to make my two subnets the same.  Here's my options file for one
side (the other being a mirror image of course, names have been changed
to protect the innocent):

# the peer's IP address
# our CIPE device's IP address
# my UDP address. Note: if you set port 0 here, the system will pick
# one and tell it to you via the ip-up script. Same holds for IP
me              myaddress1.dyndns.org:8181
# ...and the UDP address we connect to. Of course no wildcards here.
peer            myaddress2.dyndns.org:8282
# The static key. Keep this file secret!
# The key is 128 bits in hexadecimal notation.
key             ac90de19ab1463d31fa9c0ad99686114

I can ping and ssh from my address1 to myaddress2 and back again.  But if
I try to access a machine in the network, it complains:

[root@mdgw cipe]# ping mountain
PING mountain.mynet.home ( from : 56(84)
bytes of data.

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