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Subject: Windows 2000 VPN
From: Joe Harmon <jharmon,AT,blinfo,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 14:55:54 +0100


Linux server, Redhat V17, Kernal 2.2.16, IPChains, IPMasquerading, routing
through Cisco router

This question is more for Linux Redhat experts than CIPE but I'm not sure
who else to ask.  Please respond offline (directly to email address) if you
have any ideas so that we don't send unwanted email to others.

I'm not familiar with Redhat but I notice a lot of people on this mailing
list seem to be using it so maybe someone could help.

Client's remote computer has Windows 2000 server running built-in VPN Client
and is trying to connect to remote Windows 2000 VPN server.  The client's
gateway is the Linux configuration above.  My question is the following: Is
there anything specific that has to be configured that will allow the
internal W2000 server to talk to an external W2000 server over the VPN
through his linux gateway?

Any ideas greatly appreciated...


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