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Subject: Re: Proposal: Compression of large packets
From: ewheeler,AT,kaico,DOT,com
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 04:35:47 +0100
In-reply-to: <200112021825.fB2IPxp13836@malone.scotnet.co.uk>

Jon --

> Would it not be better to add compression to tcp/ip and not just to cipe
> then all TXs would benefit?  

That would be a great idea except that TCP as a protocol is not
responsible or packet compression.  If we speak strictly with respect to
the OSI model, TCP lives at layer 4 (transport layer) and compression is
supposed to happen at level 6 (the presentation layer).  If we talk about
feasibility of implementation, adding compression the the linux tcp stack
would require that all tcp implementations support compression or they
wouldn't talk right.  There are compressed tcp tunneling implementations,
however.  You might look into 'ssh -L localport:remotehost:remoteport -g
ssh-host' for tunneling specific ports.

By adding compression to cipe, all traffic (even udp within the
tunnel) could be compressed.


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