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Subject: Lost Networkdrives with W2k
From: Kurt Rossacher <webmaster,AT,proarte,DOT,co,DOT,at>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:41:06 +0100


I am using 2.0-pre9 on a Win2k Notebook to connect my Notebook to our
network throug a Linux box when I am outside the office. Everything with
Cipe works fine.

My Problem:
Since installing Cipe on the Notebook, it looses the normal Network
connection (drive mappings) after some minutes when it is in the docking
station in the office. I have to click 3 to 6 times on the networkdrive to
get the connection again, ping and nameresolution are working.

I reinstalled the Notebook and got the same problem after installig Cipe. 

Any idea!
Thank you for help!

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