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Subject: cipe-floppyfw
From: "Berghmans, Peter" <Peter.Berghmans,AT,khm,DOT,be>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 08:47:33 +0100
Title: cipe-floppyfw


I'm trying to use cipe on the floppyfw disk (http://www.zelow.no/floppyfw). 
This is what I've done:

1. I have compiled a 2.2.20 kernel on my mandrake box
2. I have downloaded the cipe package 1.5.2 and compiled (with the sourcecode 
of the new kernel)
3. I putted the new kernel, the cipcb.o module and the /etc/cipe scripts I 
needed to the floppy, together with ciped-cb.

Loading the module works: lsmod tells me this.

But when I run ciped-cb, it exits with a segmentation fault. Since I've 
putted ciped-cb on a floppy and tried it on other systems (all different 
versions of mandrake) with success, so I believe the problem is not ciped.

I've also tried with 1.4.6...

What can I do to understand and solve the problem?


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